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In some cases, you may have had an online presence for a while, but you haven’t been updating your website to something more user-friendly. That’s not going to be a problem since we can do all the fixing for you. Our website experts can make your website work for you and your customers.  We will assist you in:

  • Reviewing the home page and landing pages of your company, product or service (up to 15 pages of your website)
  • Evaluating proper keyword selection, frequency, proximity and prominence of your business
  • Offering certain recommendations specific to your site needs
  • Providing you with a written brief that covers up to three of your competitors, showing how you rank in relation to them, and advising you how to outrank them.
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We believe that these things will ensure that your website works for you. You have allotted so much budget on your website. Wouldn’t you want to get something from it, too?


Want to know why YOUR website is NOT ranking like it should?

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